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Hypoglycemia in Type 1 Diabetes: Near term challenges, long-term risks, and the need for new therapeutics options

Carmen Valcarce, Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of vTv Therapeutics discusses the complex issues surrounding the treatment of type 1 diabetes, looking in particular at hypoglycemia and the impact it has both on patients and researchers.
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This article is taken from Pharmafile Spring 2021, pages 39-41 © Samedan Ltd

Realize the Potential of Adjunctive Therapy in the Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes

One approach to improve care and clinical outcomes for people with type 1 diabetes involves the use of adjunctive therapies along with insulin to improve glucose control or enable reductions in insulin doses.
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VTV Celebrates a Double Positive

Yesterday’s clinical study success has underlined VTV’s status as a small-cap bet on Alzheibetes.
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Vtv scores phase II TD in T1D as Alzheimer’s bid RAGEs against dying of light

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